We deliver flash, without Flash.
Using the latest technology...
Valid XHTML!     Valid CSS!
...and valid code.

Our Philosophy.

From the day Dion Designs was founded in 2005, we have strived to provide simple yet creative solutions to web design projects. We do not believe in elaborate websites with huge menu structures and multi-page sitemaps. We DO believe in getting out your message simply yet elegantly, in a way that potential customers will remember you and your site.

We will use the latest technologies available to achieve those goals, and we will insure our code is valid unless the customer requests a non-standard feature.
However, we will NEVER use Flash. It has security issues, does not work on many mobile devices, and it quickly drains batteries.
Of course you would like to see some of our work. Who wouldn't? The Dion Designs Homepage and Discussion Board are examples of our innovative and fully-responsive phyreφhi™ theme, which is based on the Metro UI. Our BridgeDD support site demonstrates that product's ability to create a completely seamless integration between WordPress and phpBB.

Please contact us for additional examples of our work.

Examples of our code and design techniques can be found on our discussion board as well as on the phpBB and WordPress support sites.